The Caazorii LapDesk History

The Invention of the LapDesk

Working on Laptop with BabyOne lap, one baby, one laptop and lots of work to do  

In an effort to find a desk-like solution for traveling on a plane with a child in our lap and do business on our laptop, the CAAZORII LapDesk came into its early stage of formation when no other lap desks filled the need.

Most lapdesks were uncomfortable to use due to the laptop heat and weight on the legs, they weren’t easy to travel with, and they weren’t sufficiently sturdy.

Our goal for the first lapdesk design to be used on our trips was multifaceted; it needed to serve as a relief to our legs during a long flight with a 20 pound lapchild, and a place to work and utilize our laptop.

Our first prototype was developed with thick wood and it was screwed together into one piece.

Although it fit our goals and provided for a comfortable flight while working and holding the child, the weight of the wood was a bit of an issue and the shape of the desk couldn’t be adjusted and made travel difficult.

It wasn’t perfect, but the benefits of it’s use began to drive our ideas and opened up our imagination into the multipurpose use this design could provide.

We then focused the design approach on reducing the weight of the product while maintaining its durability and developing a way for the desk to quickly and easily breakdown for better portability.

Multiple design prototypes were completed, tested, and used in various settings and locations in order to ensure we accomplished a versatile lapdesk.

CAAZORII LAPDESKOnce the shape and design was perfected, we then met with numerous experts in plastics, wood, and metals in order to determine which way was best to manufacture the product with in order to maintain our goal of portability.

Hence, the creation of the CAAZORII Lapdesk!  Where innovative design, portability, and multipurpose use have been combined into the one multifaceted lapdesk we had envisioned!