lap desk

LapDesk: The Caazorii’s 4 Configurations


Your LapDesk: How Do You Want It?

Your lapdesk, how can you use it?

The Caazorii LapDesk provides you with the choice of 4 configuration options to accommodate different uses.  

The durable, smooth finish desk top can be used as a writing or drawing desk.  

Do you need a podium or a book stand to say, hold your cookbook while you prepare your gourmet dinner?  

Or maybe you just want to relax on the couch and watch TV while you work on your computer.  

The couch busy?  

Well just head out to your favorite hotspot and…

…no table?LAPTOP-LAP-TABLE  

Not a problem you’ve already got one with the Caazorii LapDesk.  So just sit down and read that book you where so interested in.

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