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How Does the Caazorii LapDesk Help When it Comes to Ergonomics and Health Problems

human spineIf you spend a lot of time working on a laptop while sitting on a couch or in bed and are bothered by the laptop’s heat or want a more ergonomically correct way to work on a laptop then this product should be considered.

My left wrist began developing problems and I thought it might be because of the way I hold my iPad.  So I got the Caazorii LapDesk a few weeks ago and used it consistently.  Yea! My wrist has greatly improved and I can read hands free, except when I want to turn the page.  My spouse says that it has also helped my posture as well.

I used to use my laptop on my dining table which meant that my back was curved over giving me a lot of back pain.  Now that I use the Caazorii LapDesk my posture is so much better.  I am no longer hunched over and my back pain has greatly decreased.

It’s Time to Stop Those Aches and Pains!back aches

Many have used Caazorii to stop getting a sore neck which it has definitely helped.

I think it’s nice because it holds the weight of the computer off of my body and keeps me from heating up!

I had been using a lapdesk that sat across my legs.  The weight of the laptop and the lapdesk was causing discomfort because I was waiting for surgery for a total hip replacement.  The pain started my search for a lapdesk that would bear the weight of the computer.  I choose the Caazorii LapDesk to take care of my critical need.  It took the weight and heat from my laptop off my legs. This lapdesk is excellent!

Because of my lumbar disk hernias, my doctor and physical therapist have recommended bringing my computer monitor up so the top of the screen is at eye level.  The Caazorii LapDesk is at the perfect height when placed on the desk. The design of the base allows for more than enough room for the keyboard, mouse and mouse pad to sit on the desk and extend under the raised platform.

Provides an ergonomic work surface for your laptop, tablet or iPad while taking the heat and weight off your lap!

This is great for reducing upper back pain!!

We have all worked on a laptop or tablet for hours only to find that the battery or fans are hot and uncomfortable on our legs.  This device solves this problem with a unique design that raises the laptop or tablet off of your lap into a comfortable typing position.  This laptop table removes the heat from your lap, supports the weight of the electronic device while raising it closer to you so that it also reduces eye strain.

Make your user experience with your electronic devices far more comfortable.

The Caazorii LapDesk helps support ergonomically correct posture which in turn helps to reduce aches and pains in your back, neck, eyes and wrist.  You will spend less time squirming around, taking breaks to rest and relax your body and finally get your work done!!

CAAZORII LAPDESKHow has this great lapdesk helped you?  Let us know in the comments