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What’s Wrong With This Thang?

Nothing’s perfect they say

Well, as great as this product is, it does have a few flaws, according to a few.

*It’s been noted that occasionally, the undercarriage edges may be a bit rough.

*It can come apart when picking it up by the top, so it is felt that it  needs to click together more securely as some people like to pick up the top desk part with their laptop sitting on it to move it aside when getting up and want the whole thing to remain in one piece. So because of that some consider it to be a bit of a pain when they have to get up.

*Some feel it does not stand on it’s own too well with an open laptop on it. It is not as stable as some would like (it was designed to be placed  between your legs).  They feel an open laptop can be un-stabilizing for the stand.  However it appears to be ok with ipads or tablets or books.


Well, there you have it – the flaws!