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Now Work Anywhere With the Caazorii LapDesk!

Your Productivity Will Increase

While most lapdesks focus on particular use locations such as home, work, or while traveling, the CAAZORII Lapdesk was designed to accommodate and provide comfort to users no matter where their location may be.  Airplane travel, airport waiting, at work, in meetings, at conferences, at school, in lecture halls, on campus, dorm room, sporting events, camping, backpacking, in the car, at home, in the kitchen, on the couch, in bed.

Where can you use the CAAZORII Lapdesk?Laptop Lapdesk

The portability of the this Lapdesk and its innovative configuration options gives you the choice. Provides users with the choice of 4 configuration options to accommodate different uses such as working with laptops, reading, and writing.  

Most lapdesks are not easy to travel with due to weight and size and the fact that they don’t fit into very many travel bags or briefcases. The CAAZORII Lapdesk can be disassembled and snapped into one piece quickly and easily, in less time than it takes for a computer to boot up or shut down.  And this Lapdesk fits into your laptop bag, briefcase, or backpack for ease of travel.

Lightweight design provides users with a mobile LapDesk weighing less than 2 lbs while most lapdesks and lap pads weigh in at 5 lbs or more, are bulky, unweldy, don’t pack very easily, are heavy to carry and awkward to hold onto for any length of time.  Not to mentions all the other stuff you got to carry when traveling.

So where do Caazorii owners use their LapDesk?

I’ve used it in the back seat of a car, I’ve sat in an airport with it, and I use it every single day on my couch.

I’ve also used it for taking notes while listening to speakers…basically anywhere you need an instant desk, you have one. 

LAPTOP-LAP-TABLEWhat people really love about Caazorii is you need no floor area for a comfortable desk, you suddenly have a desk where there is no room for a desk. It takes up no space as it’s right in front of you but it really feels like you’re at a desk.

In our business we have made this available to all our employees company wide as we are all field adjusters and do a lot of work in the field and in our cars.  Our Ergonomics Specialist tested the product and gave it a thumbs up stating that it was the best product they have found for working in a car that they have seen.

These work great on a plane as an alternative to the airplane lap tray and even in the airport while you are waiting and because I like to work on the couch sometimes or even in bed I keep one in my home and one in my car.

Great gift idea for the college student and it’s amazing on car trips!LapDesk

You can bring it with you anywhere, although slightly bulky, its super light.

Like that it breaks down into parts for easy storage in the back seat and that it is light weight.

The beauty of the Caazorii is that it comes apart in 2 quick moves and can fit in my briefcase or in the ottoman in front of my couch.

Love this desk! Purchased it for business use so that our platelet donors could use it to prop their books and electronic devices while seated for their 60+ minute procedures. Lightweight, portable, well made.

I can go anywhere I want!

Just where do you think you could use a Caazorii LapDesk?