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Saying What About Hot Laptops and Your Health

The Health Issue with Hot Laptops on Your Lap


Most people are simply unaware of the real health issues associated with hot laptops on their laps.  Yes, they get the bad posture problem because  it does not take long for your back to start hurting or your neck or eyes to feel strained.  So you take a short break and readjust your position.

But that other problem is the heat.  Yeah, laptops get HOT!!  Scorchingly HOT.  Your take on the heat is to take a break and readjust the laptop on your lap or put it on another surface for awhile.


The vast majority of people are totally unaware of what that heat can actually do to you.  Ok, you feel the heat and you eventually adjust the laptop.  But unlike your back or neck, you don’t notice the damage done to your body for a very long time or at all.

The worse part is that is no guarantee everything will go back to normal or improve once the damage is done.  The general consensus is that there may, if caught in time, be a good chance over time of things going back to normal.  But the consensus is general.  Basically nobody wants to be the harbinger of bad news.

The First Thing You May Notice is Erythema ab igne

Otherwise known as ‘Toasted Skin Syndrome’, comes from exposure to excessive heat.  This condition develops over time, though how long depends on how frequently you use your laptop on your lap, and how often it gets excessively hot.  The affected area develops a blotchy pink or red rash in a reticular (lattice pattern), basically a discoloration on the skin.  Some medical opinions suggest  that this condition is mostly aesthetic and preventing further heat exposure will cause the condition to fade.  

In an article by the Huffing post:lapdesk for ipad

Dr. Neil J. Korman, a dermotologist and director of the Clinical Trials Unit at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, said that the medical name for “toasted skin syndrome” is erythema ab igne, which means “redness by fire.”

It’s a condition that was originally caused by people sitting for too long in front of a fire -maybe a fireplace or a space heater or prolonged exposure to a high temperature or infrared radiation like from a laptop.

In laptop-induced cases, localization on the thighs is caused by a laptop computer typically getting much hotter on one side of it than the other due to the positioning of internal components like processors, batteries and fans.  There was a case of a very obese patient who was resting the laptop on his belly. He developed the skin discoloration. It doesn’t go away.laptop-toasted-skin

That hot laptop can lead to skin damage.

Will the damaged skin heal and return to normal on it’s own?  That answer is up in the air right now.  But one thing is for sure is that it will take time for it to heal.

According to, treatment may consist of topical 5-fluorouracil cream or laser-removal. Rarely however, skin cancer can occur at the site of Erythema ab igne.


Is the temperature.

Yep, you will have no idea how hot the laptop is, only that it is hot.

It is the high temperature that causes all of the problems.

In the Journal Fertility and Sterility a study found that men who balanced a laptop on their groin regions could be putting their ability to reproduce at risk. The computers heated their scrotums to unsafe temperatures.  Even with a lap pad under the computer the testicles overheated quickly.

The scrotum is very delicate and tries to remain at relatively the same temperature in diverse conditions. So setting a laptop on your lap can cut off air flow to that vital area and trap your testicles near the heat your laptop generates.

laptop on lapA report entitled “Increase in Scrotal Temperature in Laptop Computer Users,” published in the UK journal Human Reproduction by Dr. Yefim Sheynkin of the State University of New York at Stonybrook, noted men’s use of laptop computers on their laps,  elevated temperatures around their genitals, which over time can result in decreased sperm production – jeopardizing fertility. Reason – elevated temperatures caused by heat generated by the laptop and the unnatural posture of knees squeezed together in order to balance the laptop on laps.

Within 10 or 15 minutes scrotal temperature is already above what we consider safe, but men don’t feel it, according to Dr. Yefim Sheynkin.  Hot laptops have been found to increase the temperature of scrotums up to 35 degrees above the normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees. And the use of a lap pad only delays the rise in temperature by about 30 minutes.  Not much help.

Dr. Sheykin goes on to say the consequences of continued overheating of the testicles, called Scrotal Hyperthermia, probably isn’t permanent, but might take months to go away.

Well, some men are HOT…Hot Laptops

Ok, back to work…

What Else Can Hot Temperatures Cause?

Glad you asked!

Prolonged skin inflammation can potentially increase chances for squamous cell skin cancer, which is more aggressive than the most common skin cancer.

An article on says that about 15%-20% of couples that want to get pregnant aren’t able to conceive.   And about half the time the man is at the root of the problem – Hot laptops.

The techies over at  warns us that if someone’s genital area is constantly exposed to heat, a number of health problems can arise, including, but not limited to, fungal infections, infertility and even genital cancer.

Oh, and dear ladies, you are not out of the woods either.  Very few studies have been done on woman and hot laptops, but you need to stop and think.  Just like the men, all that heat near and on your body, particularly your reproductive organs, can’t be good.

The good people at reminds us that our laptop is designed to sit on a flat surface. Those little rubber feet or bumps on the bottom are supposed to lift the computer off the table just enough to get a bit of airflow underneath it.  So when you put your laptop on your lap, you restrict that airflow, transferring all that heat to your legs instead.lapdesk

The best solution is to get a Caazorii LapDesk.




Just What The Doctor Ordered

How Does the Caazorii LapDesk Help When it Comes to Ergonomics and Health Problems

human spineIf you spend a lot of time working on a laptop while sitting on a couch or in bed and are bothered by the laptop’s heat or want a more ergonomically correct way to work on a laptop then this product should be considered.

My left wrist began developing problems and I thought it might be because of the way I hold my iPad.  So I got the Caazorii LapDesk a few weeks ago and used it consistently.  Yea! My wrist has greatly improved and I can read hands free, except when I want to turn the page.  My spouse says that it has also helped my posture as well.

I used to use my laptop on my dining table which meant that my back was curved over giving me a lot of back pain.  Now that I use the Caazorii LapDesk my posture is so much better.  I am no longer hunched over and my back pain has greatly decreased.

It’s Time to Stop Those Aches and Pains!back aches

Many have used Caazorii to stop getting a sore neck which it has definitely helped.

I think it’s nice because it holds the weight of the computer off of my body and keeps me from heating up!

I had been using a lapdesk that sat across my legs.  The weight of the laptop and the lapdesk was causing discomfort because I was waiting for surgery for a total hip replacement.  The pain started my search for a lapdesk that would bear the weight of the computer.  I choose the Caazorii LapDesk to take care of my critical need.  It took the weight and heat from my laptop off my legs. This lapdesk is excellent!

Because of my lumbar disk hernias, my doctor and physical therapist have recommended bringing my computer monitor up so the top of the screen is at eye level.  The Caazorii LapDesk is at the perfect height when placed on the desk. The design of the base allows for more than enough room for the keyboard, mouse and mouse pad to sit on the desk and extend under the raised platform.

Provides an ergonomic work surface for your laptop, tablet or iPad while taking the heat and weight off your lap!

This is great for reducing upper back pain!!

We have all worked on a laptop or tablet for hours only to find that the battery or fans are hot and uncomfortable on our legs.  This device solves this problem with a unique design that raises the laptop or tablet off of your lap into a comfortable typing position.  This laptop table removes the heat from your lap, supports the weight of the electronic device while raising it closer to you so that it also reduces eye strain.

Make your user experience with your electronic devices far more comfortable.

The Caazorii LapDesk helps support ergonomically correct posture which in turn helps to reduce aches and pains in your back, neck, eyes and wrist.  You will spend less time squirming around, taking breaks to rest and relax your body and finally get your work done!!

CAAZORII LAPDESKHow has this great lapdesk helped you?  Let us know in the comments


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What’s Wrong With This Thang?

Nothing’s perfect they say

Well, as great as this product is, it does have a few flaws, according to a few.

*It’s been noted that occasionally, the undercarriage edges may be a bit rough.

*It can come apart when picking it up by the top, so it is felt that it  needs to click together more securely as some people like to pick up the top desk part with their laptop sitting on it to move it aside when getting up and want the whole thing to remain in one piece. So because of that some consider it to be a bit of a pain when they have to get up.

*Some feel it does not stand on it’s own too well with an open laptop on it. It is not as stable as some would like (it was designed to be placed  between your legs).  They feel an open laptop can be un-stabilizing for the stand.  However it appears to be ok with ipads or tablets or books.


Well, there you have it – the flaws!


lap desk

Now Work Anywhere With the Caazorii LapDesk!

Your Productivity Will Increase

While most lapdesks focus on particular use locations such as home, work, or while traveling, the CAAZORII Lapdesk was designed to accommodate and provide comfort to users no matter where their location may be.  Airplane travel, airport waiting, at work, in meetings, at conferences, at school, in lecture halls, on campus, dorm room, sporting events, camping, backpacking, in the car, at home, in the kitchen, on the couch, in bed.

Where can you use the CAAZORII Lapdesk?Laptop Lapdesk

The portability of the this Lapdesk and its innovative configuration options gives you the choice. Provides users with the choice of 4 configuration options to accommodate different uses such as working with laptops, reading, and writing.  

Most lapdesks are not easy to travel with due to weight and size and the fact that they don’t fit into very many travel bags or briefcases. The CAAZORII Lapdesk can be disassembled and snapped into one piece quickly and easily, in less time than it takes for a computer to boot up or shut down.  And this Lapdesk fits into your laptop bag, briefcase, or backpack for ease of travel.

Lightweight design provides users with a mobile LapDesk weighing less than 2 lbs while most lapdesks and lap pads weigh in at 5 lbs or more, are bulky, unweldy, don’t pack very easily, are heavy to carry and awkward to hold onto for any length of time.  Not to mentions all the other stuff you got to carry when traveling.

So where do Caazorii owners use their LapDesk?

I’ve used it in the back seat of a car, I’ve sat in an airport with it, and I use it every single day on my couch.

I’ve also used it for taking notes while listening to speakers…basically anywhere you need an instant desk, you have one. 

LAPTOP-LAP-TABLEWhat people really love about Caazorii is you need no floor area for a comfortable desk, you suddenly have a desk where there is no room for a desk. It takes up no space as it’s right in front of you but it really feels like you’re at a desk.

In our business we have made this available to all our employees company wide as we are all field adjusters and do a lot of work in the field and in our cars.  Our Ergonomics Specialist tested the product and gave it a thumbs up stating that it was the best product they have found for working in a car that they have seen.

These work great on a plane as an alternative to the airplane lap tray and even in the airport while you are waiting and because I like to work on the couch sometimes or even in bed I keep one in my home and one in my car.

Great gift idea for the college student and it’s amazing on car trips!LapDesk

You can bring it with you anywhere, although slightly bulky, its super light.

Like that it breaks down into parts for easy storage in the back seat and that it is light weight.

The beauty of the Caazorii is that it comes apart in 2 quick moves and can fit in my briefcase or in the ottoman in front of my couch.

Love this desk! Purchased it for business use so that our platelet donors could use it to prop their books and electronic devices while seated for their 60+ minute procedures. Lightweight, portable, well made.

I can go anywhere I want!

Just where do you think you could use a Caazorii LapDesk?

Hot Laptops: Having Hot Legs is a Health Risk

Why Hot is Not so Hot


hot laptop legs



A hot laptop is like having a fire in your lap.  

Get the Caazorii LapDesk and CHILL OUT!!


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Caazorii LapDesk, What People Say About It

What do People Love About the Caazorii LapDesk


What do They Have to Say About It?

Read on, it would seem they have a lot to say.

It is one of those products that could trigger an ‘aha’ moment…why didn’t I think of it first?!  (dag nab it!!!!) Anyone who spends a lot of time with a laptop sitting on a couch and is bothered by the laptop’s heat or wishes that there was a more ergonomically correct way to work on your laptop – this idea should have been a ‘no brainer’.

I can write on my laptop sitting on the couch because the Caazorii makes it possible to do, thus making a trip to the desk unnecessary.  Once the Lapdesk is in place with the laptop on it, it is quite comfortable for as long as I can sit still.

So, the question now is: How long can you sit still?

It addresses the laptop heat problem, enforces a better posture, has many possible uses other than laptop stand, is easy to assemble and carry, has 4 distinct configurations and made in the USA!

TABLET-STANDWe are a gadget heavy family that use our laptops and eReaders while sitting in our easy chairs.  Me and my family had been using the standard beanbag lap desk, that is leaking it’s stuffing, until I tried the Caazorii Lapdesk.  It is a very cleverly designed lapdesk that is surprisingly sturdy and comfortable to use.  This lapdesk comes in three pieces that snaps together fairly compactly for storage and is easy to quickly assemble for use.

Lifts the desk surface off the legs allowing airflow and doesn’t place strain on the thighs.  Better for use in a car – by the passengers.  And a sturdier platform for writing or typing.

Overall, the advantages of this well designed and versatile unit makes this an easy choice for those who regularly use a lapdesk.

Durable, easy to transport, multiple uses and a fantastic product.

I feel the company has a very good product. The unit is a very smart design.  It is comfortable to type on and use.  The many adjustments are nice.

This product really does work!

A terrific and well executed concept.  One of the best things about it, compared to the other laptop desks, is that it doesn’t matter how wide or narrow the arms of your chair are or the cushions of the sofa you are sitting on might be.  I thought it might be awkward to position or require some tension in your thighs to hold it in place.  It does not.  Easy as pie.  Great product!

I like the functionality and the portability of the thing.

This lap desk was the solution I had been seeking!  After looking at a lot of lap desks that sit on your lap, or straddle over your lap like lap pads, I realized that none of those would work.  I was beginning to have the thought that I might have to invent something myself!  Then I saw a woman using this ingenious device in a crowded hotel conference room taking notes on her laptop while she sitting in a large padded chair.  I found out what it was and ordered one that very night and have been very, very pleased since.  I do a lot of computer work while sitting in a rocking chair.  Use the Caazorii Lapdesk to Work and Rock  I love sitting and rocking, it’s relaxing to me.  But was frustrated with current lap desks and pads that did not work well with rockers.  I use the bigger MackBook air and it fits perfectly on the Caazorii LapDesk.  The little lip on the desk is just right to keep the computer in place.  It doesn’t shift or slide, not even with my continuous rocking.  It’s small enough that it does’t interfere at all with my wrists as I rest the heels of my hands on the computer while typing.  The desk is very light weight so I hardly even notice it while I’m using it.   It is a pleasure having the computer raised in a delightfully stable way to a comfortable typing height.  I rest my elbows on the arms of my rocking chair while I type.  It is very true about the heat dissipation I’ve heard others mention.  It is such a non-issue with this desk that I had forgotten it was a issue.  I have been using this desk daily for several months and am very pleased.  I would now find it a hardship if I had to live without it!

Love this desk. Lightweight, portable and well made.

Great product!  Great company! Fantastic product!

This thing is awesome!

The fact that you can have 4 different angles is awesome!  I like to use a different angle when I’m sitting on the bed versus sitting on the couch and a different angle for reclining back as well.

Overall, I love this thing! It is well designed.

It is fully functional as I needed.  It is nice and light and easy to figure out how to make changes to the way it works.

It is a well-constructed and absolutely terrific product.  I highly recommend it.

Great little product and fast service.  Helps me a lot when I am using my laptop at home.  Need I say more!

I love this little piece of light plastic tray.  You can’t tell your sitting on it so you just have this lap trey that helps with holding your computer at a great height and close to you while working on the couch.  It stores away easy and isn’t in the way.

My assessment is that this is an excellent product for the shown purposes and a bit more.

Thanks Caazorii for a great product!lap desk

Overall this is a good device that does what it says it will.  It does help in some key areas like: removing the heat of the electronic device from your lap or legs, removes the weight of the device from your lap, moves the electronic device closer to you for easier viewing, offers a tilt mode to provide better typing and viewing angle for better ergonomic use.  Configures into four distinct and functional variations for your use.  Ergonomically there is less stress on your wrist and neck.  Is easy to break down and store or carry with you.

I’ve had my new Caazorii Lapdesk for a few weeks now and I love it!  It is extremely compact and assembles easily.  It allows my MacBook Air to receive proper ventilation and helps to keep my lap cool.  Prior to the Caazorii Lapdesk I would use a pillow in bed which blocked the vents causing my computer to run hot.  Using this Lapdesk has solved my problem while providing numerous adjustments and angles for other uses.  Buy it, you won’t be disappointed!

I bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it!  You can use it in other places besides just sitting in your bed.  Now I am going to purchase one for myself!  I highly recommend it.  It’s a great invention!

LAPTOP-LAPDESKIncredible comfort if you use a laptop, kindle or ipad.

Perfect lightweight desk for a laptop.

Terrific product!

Works well!

Small and perfect.

Well, I think you get the general idea.  People are really liking this new gadget!! Get yours now by clicking here.  And when you get yours come back and comment below, we would love to hear what you have to say!