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We all have this need if you work on laptops or personal electronic devices.  Where to place it to work on it.  We have tables, chairs, ottomans, floor, briefcase, ground, pillows and, of course, our legs.  

We sit in chairs, on the floor, at a table, on the couch and in the bed.  But at one point in time or another the laptop ends up back in our laps.  

And in many cases we may run the gamut of all the above just to achieve that optimum position to work on it.  

We constantly readjust ourselves to accommodate an unyielding task master.

But, there is a problem with laptops on our laps…They get HOT!

And they get HEAVY!

So we go get a lap pad and resettle.  In a few minutes not only is the laptop hot, but so is the lap pad and our legs!

Not to mention all of the poundage of lap pad and laptop now on your lap and seriously weighing you down.

Every time you move so does the lap pad and laptop.  

Heck, the lappad moves anyway.  



So, again, we constantly adjust it.  It flattens out and we squish it back up, it slides to one side and we slide it back, we push it down, pull it up, it just keeps moving around like an restless animal.

Okay, so we try something a little more steamline like a lapdesk with bendable legs.  Great until you try to put it together or take it apart.  Count on at least 5 minutes to make all of the adjustments, put your laptop on it, hope it stays still, and it doesn’t so you have to go and tighten up all the bolts – again.  By the third to fifth drill you have it.


You have pinched your finger, chipped a nail, ripped your messenger bag trying to get it out and the damn thing is at the wrong height!  Your chair wont adjust so your back to adjusting it again.


Let you in on a secret we discovered….

Just get the Caazorii LapDesk

It will solve all of your problems and allows you to get to work done on your laptop!

We are just a group of entrepreneurial friends that just got tired of the hassle of having a laptop on our laps (above).  Our bodies wanted something ergonomic, our eyes wanted the computer close enough to read and we wanted to be free of the heat (until the winter-then it was a great way to stay warm).  

We wanted something, we wanted a portable desk that we could take with us when we traveled or hit a Starbucks or decided to hang out around the house.  

Then at a meetup a friend walked in with one and it was like bliss.  So we decided to get the word out.  

We are on a mission.  

The Caazorii LapDesk is the way to go!!!