caazorii lapdesk

A Caazorii LapDesk is in Your Near Future


Have Gadgets? You Need The Caazorii LapDesk

Do you often use a laptop, kindle or ipad?  Before long it’s not so comfortable to get comfortable when you put them on your lap. It’s also pretty much impossible to work well when traveling.

The Caazorii LapDesk changes all that

You can use it in the back seat of a car,  sit in an airport with it and use it every single day on your couch or bed.

Looks too big to do all that, doesn’t it?

That’s the beauty of it. It comes apart in two swift moves and can fit in your briefcase or backpack. It’s lightweight. But goes right back together equally as quickly.

The main component here, however, is that it’s SO comfortable.  Fits right between your legs so at an airport or in a car you need no floor area for a comfortable desk. You suddenly have a desk where there is no room for a desk, as a matter of fact. It takes up no space as it’s right in front of you but truly feels like you have a desk right there.

You can use it for taking notes…basically anywhere you need an instant desk, you have one.

The great thing is that you can also flatten it or angle it as you wish as well so it fits your comfort level.

What else do people us the Caazorii LapDesk for?

COOKBOOK-STANDTo hold a cookbook and recipes off the table, easier to read and protected from accidental spills.

My kids use it as a desk to color on or play games on sometimes.

Awesome for people in wheel chairs.

As an improvised tabletop-sitting lectern, a podium.

I’ve even used it as a writing board.

Great for people sketching or taking notes.

This has been such a helpful and instrumental product as we use it for homework, the laptop and on the road.

As a platform on your desk to raise a laptop to eye level.

Purchased this Caazorii Lapdesk for my daughter in college living in a dorm room. It’s perfect because it easily collapses for storage when not in use, perfect for a limited space. She is can sit in her bed working on her laptop doing homework, watching Netflix or chatting on facebook!

I use it while giving blood to put my ipad on while I wait.

Definitely helped my brother in terms of eating breakfast or other meals while in his wheelchair as he healed. COMPUTER-LAP-DESK

Great for use in a rocking chair!! Relax and work at the same time.